Monday, 11 April 2011

Looks like people are still viewing this blog, so just a quick post to say:

I got in! On August the 16th I will be moving to Florida to start work in Food and Beverage. :):)

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Hello all :)

I'm surprised how many page views this blog has had- although I'm sure half of them must just be myself logging in...

Anyway, I've decided to move my blog onto tumblr from now on. I love blogger, but I've realised that now the interviews and stuff are over, most of my posts should be shorter. It's much easier to blog little snippets on tumblr, aswell as post pictures, quotes and videos. It also means I can do it from my blackberry. Happy times.

So from now on, to see any further updates from me (and hopefully there will be some!) please go to

Thanks for reading my strange, long and rather boring posts everyone xxxx

Monday, 28 February 2011

Disney since day one.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

I've pretty much given up now. Just emailed Hannah to confirm I need at least four week's notice now since I'm out of my probation period at work but it was just a half hearted attempt really and this week all the excitement has completely gone. There's too many of us on the waitlist still, and I just feel like all my luck's run out.
I turned down the six month offer. I still don't regret it, because I know I'd be forever wondering 'what if' but because of that Disney must have been annoyed by it and moved me to the back of the list. Why else would I be good enough to be offered a place in November, but not now? Places have turned up since but they offered them to other people. So if I really am at the bottom of the list, with the amount of us still left on there I'm really not hopeful any more.

Next week I'm on holiday from work though- got work night out on Sunday (we're starting at 3pm so it's gonna get MESSY) and then the whole week off to recover, get my hair done and just have some time off for the first time since October so I'm not feeling too depressed :)

Monday, 21 February 2011

I'm writing this post from my Dad's iPad- I need one! Only thing is with this blog I can't write on the iPad and change the text so not sure what this post will look like. It will be a factor in my decision as to whether I should buy one for if I get to Florida and take it instead of my laptop!

Just got back from a lush walk on the beach with the dog followed by some tea, scone and jam. Mmmm. How very English of me. It was freezing but just what I needed to blow away some cobwebs. My phone's ran out of charge and I haven't got a charger yet so for once I can't check my phone every two minutes on my day off, which is actually going to make a nice change! X

Monday, 7 February 2011

I totally love Epic Mickey! I'm not doing so well on it since I'm only really playing it on my days off but I'm up to the part where I have to try and save wasteland from the blotlings and I'm loving it. Don't think I've played a proper video game since the days of Spiro and Crash Bandicoot!

Got a call from Hannah today, as did the whole of the Opportunity list. It seems the situation is that Disney still need to fill positions later in 2011. As they are only recruiting once this year, it looks as though they are going to try and fill those positions with us from the waitlist! It still doesn't guarantee us a place, and it means we may have longer to wait (potentially even later than the cut off date of march 31st) but it does give us a lot more chances than there currently are. We will also be able to reapply for the next interviews should we not make it this time, which is a much better option than having to wait a whole year which seemed to be the case initially!

So more waiting, but waiting with more hope now. I'll take that and cling onto it quite happily, thank you very much.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

'Oh, stuff and fluff!'

I'm really getting down now. Everyone I talk to is so excited, so busy planning and booking tickets, and I'm still stuck in the same routine that I've been in since October. I try and get on with my life but every so often I remember and my heart skips a beat a little bit as I check my phone, and of course there's never a missed call there. Mondays, I think 'maybe they'll sort out dates this week, maybe today I'll hear' and although I've done it a thousand times I calculate that 2.30pm is the earliest I'm likely to hear, since Disney will be 5 hours behind and, of course, they need to have at least half an hour to email yummy with my name. Half four inevitably arrives and my heart sinks because that's what time yummy's office hours are over, so I know I'm probably not going to hear after that although I only really stop looking at my phone at about 6pm, when I have to admit defeat. I then tell myself 'well maybe they've sent the email this afternoon, so yummy will get it in the morning' and so on and so forth. Thus continues my week until the weekend when I actually have a couple of days where I don't panic every time I realise I haven't checked my phone for at least 10 minutes. Of course, Sunday night it all starts again with 'It could be this week!'. It's draining me. I had a nightmare last night where Disney wanted me to go in two weeks time, and I remember just crying throughout my dream because after all the hard work and waiting I didn't think I could get everything organised in time. I woke up this morning feeling awful and it hasn't really left me today.

I know I'm lucky to be in this position- don't get me wrong, I know in my head I still have a chance at getting out there so I'm prepared to wait for it. But I've now been waiting since June and I still don't even know if I've got the job or not. I'm sure elite astronauts waiting to find out if they've been chosen for some incredibly dangerous mission to mars don't have this kind of wait!

They say not to put your life on hold for this, but how do I not? I don't even bother trying to start relationships because I just think 'what's the point in starting anything when I could be leaving in a few months?'. I haven't even considered making long term career plans because what's the point in worrying about something like that now when I don't know what I'm doing this next year? I'm working full time- 9 hours five days a week- but barely spending any money on myself in case I need to pay for flights soon. I saw something I want for my room today, but didn't buy it in case I'm leaving soon and I need the money for more practical things. I have two sets of friends that I'd like to go on holiday with this year, neither of which I can plan for. It's just stupid things, like should I sign up for Race for Life this year? Do I get a new phone contract? Should I join the gym? I'm getting scared, because I could have ended up wasting 9 months of my life with nothing to show for it. That's more my fault than anything though- a lot of people who applied with me already had jobs or were still at university so just carried on as normal whereas I was at a 'big decision' stage anyway.

I'm sorry to have had such a big whinge and I know there are people out there currently applying who would probably be envious of me, because at least I haven't had a rejection yet. I know this will all be worth it in the end, otherwise I wouldn't be putting myself through this. it doesn't help that I keep fantasising about getting that phonecall, and trying to figure out how to announce it to everyone, what I need to do first, thinking about which start date would be ideal and in what role. I try and stop myself but I can't help it! I'll hopefully read back over this blog entry in a few months feeling a lot different!

Just to add to the cheesiness I'm gonna end with another Pooh quote, hopefully a more positive one:

'Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there someday.'

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sunday, 30 January 2011

How lush is that? :-)

Friday, 28 January 2011

Been a few more people getting calls over the last couple of weeks so they are moving on with dates. Definitely a good sign. But I do feel a bit like I got moved to the back of the list or something. Where's my blinking call? :-(

Grrr I'm so impatient now, but I'm going to be doing backflips when it finally arrives. I'm trying to find an analogy to explain how I'm feeling but unfortunately the best I can come up with is that it's kind of like needing a wee. At first you think 'hmm, need a wee soon' but you can pretty much get on with things, and put it to the back of your mind. But it creeps up on you and after a while it's all you can think of, until you can't do anything without hopping around on the spot and doing a strange dance. I'm at that stage now. But HOW satisfying is that wee when you finally get it?! I'm relying on that.

I realise how the above post sounds, don't worry.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

I hate drama. And people who spoil things for others.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

I keep promising myself I'm not going to blog until I have some actual news, otherwise this blog is going to get beyond boring but I seem to fail miserably at that!
Anyway, I wanted to write about something that really was (almost) news a few months ago, but I was asked not to say anything about it. It should be OK now, though.

Probably around November I received a call from Hannah at Yummy Jobs, offering me a role in F&B starting on the 9th January! The downside to this was that I would be taking over the visa from someone who had to leave early, so the position would only be for 6 months. I took a little time to think about it and talk it through with my family, but really I knew 6 months would be no-where near enough for me. I'd be finishing the program at the end of June, which would mean I'd miss most of summer, halloween and christmas which are the times I'm most excited about being there! I'd also be arriving without a proper arrival group and all in all would only be working for Disney for a very short time. Nowhere near enough to do all that I want to do. Last November, it seemed as though I had forever still to go on the waitlist, so I decided to turn down the position and take my chances. Due to the unusual nature of the offer, they said I could remain on the Opportunity list. Now that the date I would have gone has passed and someone else has taken up the offer, I'm sure it would be OK for me to post this! I've just got to pray that Disney haven't gone off me because of that :S

I know a new round of applications has opened now (good luck to everyone!) and some people may read this blog for information so I wanted to make sure that everyone knows the process is never as straightforward as you think it's going to be!

On a happier note, Elin, who I met before my interview, got taken off the opportunity list yesterday and is heading out to Florida in June! Which is fabulous news and Elin is so lovely she really deserves it! Hoping I get a phone call myself soon and can be heading out there round about the same time! x

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Well, Merry Christmas and, as it is New Years Eve tomorrow, Happy New Year! I don't have much to add to this blog Disney-wise since I am still date-less and still with my phone glued to my side in desperate hope. Actually, it's more of a dull hope now. Some days I actually forget I've applied, but as soon as I have a bad day at work or someone asks me to make any plans for any time after around February my heart does that little leap as I get simultaneously excited and worried.
Since Christmas is over for all of us waitlistees the chance of going seems to have faded a bit, which is daft because really we're not even halfway through the waitlist time yet. I will get there! But... maybe it's time to start making some plans in case I don't. So that if the 31st of March comes and that phone call does not I'll be able to sit back, open my diary and say 'OK, never mind, well here's what I've got planned for the next year'. Problem is, if I'm not going to Disney, really I should find, like a proper job? Crap.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

I have the most amazing family in the world. I love them so much and they do so much for me, more than I ever deserve. But sometimes, that's not a good thing. It's so easy to sit back, get into a routine and always stay as the little girl that gets looked after by everyone. I can't do that much longer.
I really need a phone call soon.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Happy Halloween!!

OK, I'm a day late but you know, places to go, people to see and all that!

I can't believe it has only been 17 days since I got opportunity listed. I honestly feel as though I've been waiting months and months! I emailed Hannah from YJ today with a couple of questions so hopefully I'll get a reply early next week with a clearer idea of what it all means.

Monday, 25 October 2010

I'm feeling pretty positive about the waitlist today. When you think about it, everybody is waiting anyway- the only difference is the non-waitlist people have an actual date to aim for. When I look at all the encouraging posts, and read about people who waited for a whole six months and still managed to get a date, it makes me realise how fortunate I am because I have a very good chance at getting to work at Disney. Sure, I've got to be more patient than others but I can still dream about the day when I get to announce 'I'm moving to Florida!'. I'm so excited to get that phone call from Yummy!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Sooo... just a quick update to say that the waitlist has moved! Probably only by a millimetre, but moved it has! Someone got a call from Hannah from Yummy Jobs this afternoon asking them if they'd like to go out in two weeks time, so off they're going! That's fantastic news all round, because it means they get to go out to Disney and for the rest of us on the waitlist that's one step closer we are to the top!

It's almost a week since I got waitlisted, and it's been up and down. I'm still hopeful of getting out there, but at the same time am aware that last year's waitlistees got off much quicker because yummy only offered places initially for the first three months- this year they've given out all the places, plus a couple more months' worth! However, that also means more positions that people could potentially turn down, so who knows?! Apparently, the standard was very high this year and Disney loved everyone, so much so that very few people received rejections.
So it's more waiting, and could be this way for a loooong time yet! I'd love to think I could hear something soon, but I don't want to get my hopes up too much. I'm going to be wishing on a star that I'll hear something before christmas though- that would be a wonderful present!

Sunday, 17 October 2010


I've had to wait a few days to post this because I needed a while to get my head around it. This is the first chance I've had to really sit and think about it, because I've been working like crazy this last week (first week working full time at Next) and my mum's friend came to visit this weekend.

I got the following e-mail from Yummy Jobs on Friday:

Dear Victoria,

Many thanks for attending the recent interviews for the Walt Disney World International Programs! The Disney Recruiters and the Yummy Jobs Team were very excited to meet you, and had a great time getting to know you and your reasons for wishing to work at Walt Disney World.

Disney was very pleased with the amount of interest we received from applicants across the country wanting to participate in Disney’s Cultural Representative Program. Your qualifications, along with those of other applicants, made their decision a challenging one. Participant selections were made after much evaluation and deliberation.

The standards were extremely high and at this time the Disney Recruiters are not able to offer you a position on the Cultural Representative Program. However! The Disney Recruiters did feel you were a GREAT applicant and would like to keep your file for their Opportunity List! This list is put together to enable great applicants, such as yourself, the opportunity to go to Walt Disney World when additional positions arise, and the best news is that Disney is now looking to fill positions starting all the way into to September 2011 allowing the possibility of even more available roles!

Your application is currently being considered for a program start date between February 2011 and September 2011 and we will be keeping your details on file until the end of March 2011 by which time we WILL have contacted you and all available positions will be filled.

If Disney is not able to find a suitable role for you, we will also notify you by the end of March 2011.

which means I am officially on the Disney waitlist. Originally, I was quite pleased about it all. I mean, it's not a rejection- I still have a chance at getting out to Disney- and during the January applications most of the people who got waitlisted got out to Disney in the end.

However, having not seen a single post about a rejection and after having read all of the excited posts from people with dates I am feeling a bit disappointed. It seems they've offered a heck of a lot of dates this time round (and I am sooo excited for all the people I know with dates, truly) so I do feel a little bit like I've failed where so many other people have succeeded. I can't help going over all my stupid interview answers and getting annoyed at myself. But I suppose I can't dwell on that, I have to think of this as a positive thing. Disney have offered dates all the way until September, despite having originally said they were only looking for places until June, which means they must have offered a lot more places than they originally planned to. The more places they offered, the more people who could potentially drop out of the process which could mean more opportunities to get off the waitlist. So, hopefully, everything's going to turn out alright in the end. I have said all along that the most I really expected was a place on the waitlist, so I got that!

I just have to keep the faith, prepare myself for even more waiting (my advice: if you're an impatient type of person DO NOT apply for this process!) and hope very much that Yummy Jobs get in touch sooner rather than later with some good news.

Until then, a big CONGRATULATIONS to those who have gotten a date.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Did you know?

As you are about to board in Pirates of the Caribbean, look through a window to your right down to a cell below and you will see two skeletons playing chess. This is a 'signature' from the Imagineer Marc Davis, who was a huge chess fan. He deliberately arranged the pieces on the board so that the two skeletons are at a total impasse- neither can win- and so they must ponder their next move for all eternity...

...kinda like I'm pondering these interview results

Friday, 8 October 2010

Turns out today wasn't the day after all. The morning started well and I bought some polka dot wellies so went splashing around in some puddles with the dog, but I spent all afternoon running round after people and didn't get to do anything I had planned. I then sat in hope of an e-mail, but nothing came, which is a bit predictable really since we still have about another fortnight until the deadline, but was still a lot of adrenaline for nothing. It's another example of why you shouldn't listen to (or help to spread!) rumours during this process! I just feel really fed up today, and I really want Yummy Jobs to put me out of my misery. If I've got a rejection, I just want to know about it now because I'm constantly on edge, and I feel like my life's in limbo...

Thursday, 7 October 2010

People on the boards seem to think tomorrow could be the day we find out. Although they said at the presentation it might be 3 weeks, in previous years they have found out by the following Friday (i.e. tomorrow) and Yummy Jobs are always keen to put people out of their miseries as soon as possible.

I've convinced myself that I haven't got it now, partly due to a mega-stressful few hours I had this evening! Even though I wasn't expecting to hear today, every day this week I've been holding my breath slightly between 4 and 6pm (of course I breathed a couple of times during that time, else I'd be slightly dead), which is around the time previous emails have been sent, and at about 5pm I was driving in my car and my phone went CRAZY. Within the space of about 30 seconds I got a text message, a facebook message and 2 bbms (I'm never that popular) and the only reason I could think of was that it must be other applicants messaging me having got their emails. I was convinced. So when I got to the car park I took a look at my phone, and realised I didn't have an email :( So my ever-so-clever deduction from all of the above was that Yummy had sent out all of the acceptance emails, my friends had got them and thus messaged me and as the emails are sent out in batches the fact that I hadn't got one meant that I had been rejected. Yes, I know, but all of that seemed to make perfect sense at the time, and I believed it absolutely. I knew that I was going to have to sit through a 2 hour induction at work, so I decided not to read any of the messages which I believed would confirm my theory and make me inconsolable and unable to concentrate for two hours. So of course, during those two hours I chewed about 60 pieces of rescue remedy gum (then read the bottom of the packet and panicked at the words 'excessive consumption may have a laxative effect'- luckily I seem to have got away with it!) and attempted to talk myself into believing that I didn't want to go to Disney anyway. Didn't work.

Of course, when I got out of my induction I sat in the car, held my breath and read a text message from my Dad, a facebook message from an old work collegue, one bbm saying 'hiiii' and another from a friend going on about a new cupcake maker. So it turns out that, actually, I was just popular for one freaky moment and in fact no emails had been received whatsoever.

Fool child.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

So it's Tuesday... 3 days since the interview. I wish I had a vague idea of how it went so I'd know what to expect- some answers I gave make me cringe now and I wish I could go back and change them or say more, but other things I think weren't too bad. Hopefully, me stepping back and letting the girl I was with go first for the second question will have made up for the fact that the answer I gave wasn't too great- cos I really didn't want to repeat what had already been said but ended up waffling! Anyway, still waiting...

Sunday, 3 October 2010

The F2F Interview

I'm back from London!

I'm so exhausted I can barely see but I still want to blog about the experience while it's still fresh in my mind. I'll try not to waffle on too much!

OK so Gary and I arrived in Kings Cross and made our way over to Waterloo station and then the Travelodge- which is really close by to the station so it was great. After a slight wait to check in we then met Craig and the three of us headed to the London Dungeons which was just as much fun as I remembered it! We got an amazing picture on the ride at the end which I'll scan and upload at some point. After that, slightly frantic dash to get ready, met Megan and Meerah at the hotel and attempted to find Hammersmith to meet the others for the meal. Not so easy and it was peeing it down. We got there, but an hour late :S Sorry Vikki!! The meal was great because we all got a chance to sit and chat with some other applicants, and a couple of us also got talking to Tori, who is heading out to Florida in a couple of weeks= jealousy!! Tori was a star though and was really great, giving us lots of tips and getting us simultaneously excited and nervous!

Once we got back to the hotel I tried to sleep but failed, so ended up sticking on a couple of episodes of AbFab which helped me drift off eventually. The next morning I woke up really easily about 15 minutes before my alarm, which meant I could have a really long, hot shower and try to wake myself up while calming my nerves! The hotel's probably about a 20 minuts walk from Chez Gerrard, and the weather decided to be much kinder to us and hold off on the rain for a while.

Once in the restaurant we sat around excitedly just chatting to each other, filling in the form we were given by Yummy (just to tick which roles we wanted to do- it didn't say to order them but I and a few others did anyway, just in case). Then we got lead into the back room to watch the presentation by Jill and Hollis, helped by some VT from Valerie! I regret watching it again recently now because I knew exactly what she was going to say so it was harder to look interested! The actual presentation was just going through the finer details of the program and was followed by a quiz (I put my hand up for loads of questions but didn't get picked- gutted!!) and then we got given our interview times! I was at 12.50 which was brilliant because I only had about an hour and a half to wait, so a few of us walked up to Starbucks. I regretted that, because my feet are now covered in blisters so I had to limp all afternoon :(

Before the interview, I met the person I was getting interviewed with, filled in some forms and got REALLY nervous. To be honest, I'd thought there were people there who were more nervous than me but then Nick asked me specifically if I was nervous, which panicked me a bit because I didn't want to show it! Then Jill came to collect us and we went back into the room for the interview itself.

The interview went by so quickly it was insane. I think we were in there around 15-20 minutes and the last 5 was taken up with us asking questions, so when you consider there was two of us being interviewed it was no time at all. The questions I got asked were: why have you applied for the Cultural Representative Program? What would you tell people about the UK? What role would you prefer to do? How would you feel about living with other people? and I think that was pretty much it. I answered the first question first, but went second the second time round so when it came to me actually answering I didn't feel I had much to say that wasn't repeating what the other girl said. So I'm a bit bummed about that, and I really feel like after all the preparation I did (pages and pages of notes, reading countless blogs, researching all kinds of interview tips and reading three different Disney Institute books) I didn't get to say half as much as I wanted to. I don't feel like I got the opportunity to shine in that interview like I did in the phone interview because it was so quick. There was a weird fire alarm type thing which went off about 5 times during the interview, which was a pain but actually helped to break the ice a little, which was good. I may also be being paranoid, but I felt Jill seemed much more pleased with the other girl's answers and was more chatty towards her. So I'm left feeling a bit deflated to be honest- not because it was bad, because I don't think it was, but because I know that I have so much more Disney knowledge and passion that I wanted to show them, and it was so hard to do it in that brief time. Plus, all that work and worry for 15 minutes was such an anti-climax.

Now, having just gone through the experience I can see just how much conjecture and rumour there is about what to expect. The forums are great for meeting people, and everyone really is so nice, but I see now that we tend to wind each other up and make guesses about what we think we should or shouldn't expect/do/say/wear. My advice now for anyone going through F2Fs in the future would be to not stress about it too much. Think of some basic questions like the ones I got, plan a couple of answers to those and then just relax. It's really not worth all the stress for such a short amount of time!

They said we should hear by the 21st October, although I'm hoping that it will be sooner than then since in the last round people had heard. back by the end of the week. After the presentation, I wanted it more than ever but now I have to wait and see because honestly I wouldn't like to be the person choosing between all those people, given the teeny tiny amount of time they have to actually meet you. Back to the waiting gaaame!!

Annnnnd that's it... it's all out of my head so now it's time for me to zzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Well my lovelies, tomorrow I'm heading down to London town! I can't believe it's come around so quickly, although a week ago it felt like it was forever away! Everything's sorted now- my bag is packed, my documents are all neatly organised in my sexy Eeyore folder, my train tickets have been checked and re-checked and I got a lovely 'See you soon!' email from Yummy Jobs which got me all excited again.
I'm getting the same train as Gary, which means I'll have someone to get lost in London with! So we'll head over to the hotel, check in and then we're meeting Craig, Meerah and Carla (I think) for a trip to the Dungeons. After that, it's a big meet up for a meal at Pizza Express (there's 25 of us) where us saturday interviewees can get to know some more people getting interviewed that day, as well as meet the people who had their interview on the friday... and I think there may be at least one other person who's already been accepted and is going to Florida soon!
Right now, I'm really excited and hopefully I will remain more in this state rather than get really nervous! This will probably be my last post until after the interview (unless I get bored in the hotel room!) so wish me luck!! xxx

Monday, 27 September 2010

I think this is probably the presentation I'll be seeing on Saturday. I can't quite get over how excited Valerie is by some pans.

Friday, 24 September 2010

This time next week I will be headed to London tooowwwn!!!

(it's officially friday morning btw, the post date lies ;) )

Monday, 20 September 2010

I have just sent a very scary e-mail. I decided that although the HR Internship sounds amazing, even if I get through to the stage where they offer me the job, I'll still be waiting to hear back from Disney, and that's a decision I can already make. I want Disney. I know it's stupid, because in a way I'm putting all my eggs in one basket. I by no means expect to get a position at Disney- even at this stage the competition is fierce and I know that I could very easily end up with nothing. But I also know that Disney is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It's the sort of opportunity that all those inspirational, you-only-live-once type of books tell you to grab with both hands, so I'm going to. Even if I get offered the HR job, I won't take it because I still won't know about Disney, so it seems pointless and incredibly selfish to go through an application process for no reason. So I emailed them today letting them know. I hope I haven't jinxed everything now. :/

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

I'm getting organised for the interviews! I've bought a gorgeous Eeyore ringbinder and notebook and I've started writing my to-do lists, packing lists and planning answers to some questions that have come up in the past.

I got all excited and booked my hotel, only to receive an email saying they've changed the location of the interview and it's not longer at the Disney offices :( but at some restaurant in waterloo. Which prompted a MAD scramble to try and cancel my hotel and book another one. They're so much expensive in waterloo, and there's not much availability so I think I got one of the last rooms at a decent price! But until I get my refund, I'm going to be £78 down, and that could be for up to a month. Boo...

So all I've got to do now is locate a working printer to print off all my documents (easier said than done!) and book my train tickets. I'm also going to get reading up on my Disney trivia! Bought a couple of books online about the Disney organisation so hopefully they'll give me some good insider information.

I'm pretty gutted I don't get to visit the Disney offices any more, but we are now just opposite the London eye and all the touristy areas, so a few of us might have a bit of a sightseeing day the day before. We've also arranged to go out for a meal at Pizza Express (I lurrrve the cheesecake there!) the night before so hopefully by the time the interviews take place I be pretty friendly with a few people. I'm really excited!

P.S. No, I don't know what's going on with the fonts on this blog. I change it, and then it changes itself back :/

Friday, 10 September 2010

I'm still so happy after this afternoon's email! I'd been checking my emails all afternoon, and around 4pm started to get really nervous. I'd stupidly watched an episode of Roger and Val Have Just Got In, but since it was an episode centred around the fact that they were waiting for an email it didn't help so much! Finally, I distracted myself with some old school AbFab series 4 and after one episode I checked the forums. People had posted saying they had received emails and had got interviews! I was gutted, because nothing had come through to my Blackberry! So my heart sank because I assumed I hadn't got one, which meant I hadn't got through, so I quickly rushed to check my emails and there it was:

Dear Victoria,

Many thanks for taking time in the pre-screen interview for the Disney’s Cultural Representative Program. We were impressed by your performance and are delighted to invite you to the final interview stage.

Your interview will be held on Saturday 2nd October 2010, at the Disney Attractions Office at 3 Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith, London W6 9PE. Please see the link below for a map,-0.22267|16|4&bd=useful_information&loc=GB:51.49164:-0.22267:16|W6%209PE|W6%209PE

Transportation to the interview is at your own expense.

You will need to arrive at 9.30am as the Disney presentation will start at promptly at 10.00 am. After the presentation your interview will be scheduled. You must be prepared to spend the whole day and will be required to dress in professional / business attire.

followed by some other general information about the interview and what I need to bring. I can't wait! I'm going down the night before and staying in a hotel nearby, and hopefully meeting up with some of the wdwip forumers the night before to get to know everyone. It's going to be so scary but I'm mega excited!

I need to keep reminding myself that this is still just an interview, and they still need to turn some people down at this stage. So I just need to do everything in my power to make sure it's not me: work on my speaking skills, interview skills, answers for interview questions, smiling, eye contact, Disney knowledge- everything! The more prepared I am, the more I will be able to relax during the interview itself and not be taken by surprise.

But I can't believe it! I'm down to the last 150 out of over 1000, which is a major accomplishment in itself. They usually offer places to around 60-80 people, so I'm in with a chance as long as I don't mess it up. I'm going to work as hard as I can during these three weeks, and since I have an interview for a job in Sheffield (which I don't want!) a few days before, I can use that to practise! Wow :D Today was a good day!! xxx


OMG I got an interview!!! 2nd of Oct, at Disney HQ. So excited and still shaking!! Will write more later....... AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!